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Hackney Downs

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Currently doing the festival circuit!

A Bastet Productions Film
In Association with Little Boffins Ltd

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When an arrogant Black tech grad meets up with his estranged friend - a Black amateur boxer in East

London - bitter tensions rise when issues from their past resurface.


Samuel meets old mate Kofi at an East London park. It’s been a long while. It’s awkward.

Kofi says that although it’s been ages, he is going to ask his girlfriend Marsha to marry him and wants Samuel to be his best man. Samuel is surprised but accepts.

Kofi suggests a quick boxing spar, for old times sake, as he works at the gym and has some kit with him. Samuel declines and makes excuses to leave; Kofi doesn’t push. Instead he alludes to Samuel always being absent, irking Samuel. He blames Kofi for having his ‘issues’ - mental health problems back when Samuel wasn’t equipped to be there for him. Kofi replies that that’s when he needed him most.

Samuel gets lost in a daydream of punches. Kofi tells him to stop but Samuel won’t hear it. He’s enraged. Then, bam! Kofi defensively knocks Samuel down.

He asks if Samuel is okay; he’s here if he wants to talk. Samuel looks at his old friend, and indicates that might be a good idea.

Screenings and Awards

  • Between 19th and 25th August, Hackney Downs will be screening at Glasgow Film Theatre before all screenings of NOPE, as part of the We Are Parable's nationwide Who We Are Season, supporting and celebrating Black cinema around the world.

  • Aesthetica Film Festival - Friday 4th November 2022 - Friargate, 19:30 - 21:00

  • Dinamo Festival for equality in Sports - 6th of October 2022

  • Mentone Film Festival - 9th November 2022 (Best Thriller Award Winner)

  • We Are Parable screening at Momentum Day @ Brixton House Theatre 2023



Kaine Buffonge
as Samuel


Leonardo Taiwo
as Kofi


Nicole Joseph
as Marsha



Carl Earl-Ocran

Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 15.20.15.png

Melek Güzel
1st AD

Yasmine Alice headshot.jpeg

Yasmine Alice


Michael P. Spencer
Executive Producer


Mari Yamamura


Fozia Khaliq
Executive Producer

And more...

Executive Producer: Liam Nugent

Executive Producer: Jamie Noel

Steadicam Operator: Akhilesh Patel

Focus Puller: Courtney Andrews

Gaffer: Kevin Malbas

Sound mixer: Özkan Coşgun

Boom Operator: Gökhan Kırtaş

2nd AC: Louis Fleury

Fight Director: Rajesh Rishudeo

Boxing Trainer: Ndy Okoronkwo

Hair and Makeup Designer: Dorita Nissen

Make-Up artist: Lily Simmonds

Costume designer: Rosie Mitchell

Production Assistant: Andrea Catinella

Runner: Melanie Urcel

Location Manager: Rita Franz - KO Boxing

Behind The Scenes

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