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Under Development

At Bastet Productions, we have numerous projects that are seeking funding and Executive Producers to jump on board. 

  • Sugar Bill is a Western/Comedy/Action feature film that is 30% funded. You can see the mock poster and storyboard below.

  • The Interpreter is an emotional drama based on true events which is being developed into a feature film. The short film for this is currently in post-production and will be used as a proof of concept, as well as doing the festival circuit.

  • The Truckman is an action/sci-fi/drama short film currently doing the festival circuit which also has a feature film script, ready for filming. 

  • We also have Red Tulip, which is an emotional drama about a Kurdish family who sought asylum in the UK. This is a high-budget short.

  • Repent is a thriller/action high-budget short film waiting for funding, ready for shooting.

If you would like more information regarding any of these projects, please contact us using this link.

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